Sirenity Sound for The Soul

Sam Britton
Sam Britton

Founded in 2011 by Sam Britton. Sam is a fully qualified Sound Healer based in West Sussex & Hampshire. Sam has experienced a diverse lifestyle and her knowledge she shares is kind, committed and inspirational.

Learn from our workshops, restore your body and soul with our classes, and feel better about yourself.

Sirenity runs classes and workshops online and in a variety of locations, where all levels and experience are welcome.

Sam is a member of the College of Sound Healing, and insured by Holistic Insurance.

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Exciting News!

This has been a long time in the making and now finally here!

Sirenity Aqua Sound Baths

Indulge in profound relaxation during our water-floating sessions, where you’ll be immersed in tranquillity, cradled by the gentle embrace of water. Elevating your experience with the harmonious melodies of hand pan, crystal bowls, flute and chimes, creating an atmosphere of serene bliss.

These sessions aim to promote tranquillity, calmness, and deep rest, allowing you to delve into a restorative state of sleep or meditation.

In the tranquil setting, discover an ideal space for rejuvenation, relaxation and letting go of any stress or tension.  Enveloped by the soothing harmony of nature’s tunes, such as the delightful chirping of birds and the captivating views of Arundel Castle, you’ll be transported to a realm of peaceful summer evenings.

These adult only sessions will be hosted by Arundel Lido and Sam from Sirenity Sound for The Soul.

Date: Wednesday 19th June at 7.15pm

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