Online Sound Bath Membership Group

Facebook Sound Bath Membership Group
✨Exciting news!!!✨
Sirenity Sound Bath Membership Group is now open!!!🧜‍♀️
What’s included:
💫Two immersive Sound Baths a month
💫Discounts on selected workshops
💫Learn more about Sound Healing Instruments
💫Private Facebook Group
Sound Healing may help you with:
💫Relieving Stress and Tension
💫Deep Relaxation
💫Better Quality Sleep
💫Peaceful Mind
💫Time for yourself
This group is for those who:
💫Want to deepen your relaxation and meditation practice
💫Are new to meditation and not sure where to begin
💫Want to learn how to use sound to help you meditate
All this for just £15  per month if you sign up before 30th September 2021!

If you have any further questions contact Sam on:
Mob: 07929 449416